1. From the top line on the HOME PAGE click on the product that you want, After you have pick the product you want

2. Click on the Image or Add to Cart, New page will pop up you can scroll down and choose your Required Fields

( Colors, Sides, Backgroung, Else.)

3. After In put the Quantity that you need then using the mouse click anywhere in the grey box to caculate your price.


4. click on Add to cart, new windown will pop up scroll down ESTIMATE SHIPPING AND TAX

5. enter your State and Zip Code then click on Get a Quote it will caculate your shipping cost




1. Start by clicking the ADD TEXT button in top left above.

 2. Edit the TEXT by typing in the TEXT TOOL WINDOW look at this option to the middle left of your sign boad.

 3. Click and Drag TEXT in the DESIGN WINDOW to Move and Resize it.

 4. Change Fonts, Colors and more by using the by click TOOLS on the left.

 5. Click /Hold  down while Resizing to Stretch or Squeeze.

6. Click on a TEXT TOOL BOX BOX to enable editing of that item.

You can also add SHAPES and CLIP ART or UPLOAD your own files



or click CLICK HERE for more detail